Day 21: the last supper

The boys slept in this morning and had a restful day before tomorrow’s day of travel.

Here is another student entry: “Me acordé y yo ví una bonita mañana. Fue un bien vez para empezar mi día. Hoy yo trabajé muy duro porque hay muchas cosas para hacer al Hogar de Anciandos. Yo usé el rastrillo y yo limpie alrededor el edificio. El sol fue muy caliente pero cuando la lluvia empezó caer estuve fresco. Yo usé el información del Cafetal del Toledo para crear una oración durante tres minutos. Mi español es mejor que antes durante el año de escuela y ya he aprendido mucho durante este viaje.”

This may be my last entry since we won’t get in until very early in the morning.

Day 20: Puntarenas

Today we spent the day in Puntarenas, where the boys enjoyed the beach, watching World Cup, playing futbolín, and swimming in the pool.

After dinner, the boys completed program evaluations in which they extolled the value of community service. Once they finished, they reviewed our comments.

Day 18: Los Adioses

Today was our last and best day of community service. Like Woodberry, the board of directors is meeting tomorrow, so we made the grounds look the best possible. Over the weekend they are hosting a benefit event, so we tidied up that area as well. The director of the home said they frequently have visitors come to do community service, but none had done as much as we have, and given all we did, I am inclined to believe her. She then gave the boys a parting thank you gift. David spoke for the group to explain what the work the boys had done meant to us.

n the afternoon we returned to Las Minas ahead of the rain, and the boys had plenty of time to enjoy the falls.

Of course we continue to keep up with the World Cup, and tomorrow Costa Rica plays, so we will be up early for the game.

Day 18: Speech

We had what probably amounted to our most productive day of community service due to the boys’ positive attitude. Tomorrow is our last day of community service, and the boys hope to make it the best yet.

After lunch the boys gave their speeches about the coffee making process.

In the afternoon some of the boys met up with locals they had met while others went to the gym.

Here is an entry from another student: “Este semana estado mirando muchos partidos en Español. España y Portugal estuve mi primero partido. Ronaldo ,el mejor, mete un gol en el último segundo y me encanta. El patada de gratis estuve más allá gran esa estuve perfecta. Mi segundo partido estuve Mexico y Alemania. No me gusta ambos equipos pero yo querría Alemania porque mi amigo es Frido y él es de Alemania. Mi último partida estuve Brasil y Suiza. Yo no quiero hablar sobre lo.”

Day 17: Coope El Diamante

This afternoon we visited a traditional coffee coop. It was originally founded so that local coffee growers could pool their resources, and from there they expanded to a grocery store, gas station, and transit system. As for coffee, their major purchaser is Starbucks, which requires a rigorous certification process and environmentally conscious practices.

Our tour was very thorough explaining the various machines and processes, which will be the topic of this week’s speech. Our tour ended with some samples and the opportunity to purchase coffee.

Here is my attempt at a time-lapse photo.

Day 16: The Last Week

The boys have learned quite a bit at our community service site. Many learned how to fold clothes and do yard work.

After lunch we had class that focused on Pretérito vs Imperfecto tell stories. Below I have included a copy of a recent student entry so you can see how the boys have progressed.

“Cuando yo caminaba en la playa de Jaco, las rocas me dolieron. En la playa de Jaco, las rocas hacen una muro entre la arena y el océano. Así que yo sentí en la arena delante de las árboles de cocos. Pero, entonces, yo recordi un articulo yo leí sobre una persona quien sentí delante de uña árbol de cocos y una coca cayó en su cabeza y él murió. Así que, yo caminé en las rocas y yo nadé en el océano.”

I’ll try to highlight student writing each day. In the afternoon we went to the gym.

Day 14: San José

The day started early with boys catching the Argentina/Iceland game at 6am our time; no, we did not get up at 4am to watch France win its game. After breakfast the boys explored San José: from the church to the market to the park. They noticed the difference between our host town of Atenas and the capital. Many bought jerseys for tomorrow’s game and other souvenirs.

The boys were adamant that we stop at an amazing park complex so they could play basketball. The complex had groups playing soccer, a karate class, a calisthenics class, and some locals playing basketball whom the boys challenged.

After dinner we went to a rodeo.